In the era of digital transformation, switching to paperless consent forms is not only an eco-friendly move but also a practical, efficient, and secure way to manage client agreements for clinics, spas, and salons. Recognizing the importance of this transition, our CRM software offers a comprehensive Paperless Consent Forms feature.

Why is the Paperless Consent Forms feature vital for your business?

A. Enhanced Efficiency: Digital consent forms can be filled out, signed, and stored electronically, saving you time and eliminating manual data entry and filing processes.

B. Secure Data Management: Our CRM software ensures the secure handling of client data, maintaining the confidentiality and privacy that is crucial in your service industry.

C. Easy Accessibility: Digital forms can be easily accessed, searched, and retrieved, improving operational efficiency.

D. Improved Client Experience: The convenience of completing forms digitally enhances your clients' experience, particularly for those who prefer online interactions.

E. Eco-Friendly: Going paperless is a positive step towards sustainability, reducing your business's environmental footprint.

F. Compliance Made Easy: Our Paperless Consent Forms feature ensures you adhere to legal requirements and industry standards, making it easy to obtain and store informed consent for treatments and data handling.

G. Accurate Record Keeping: Digital consent forms offer a reliable method for maintaining accurate client records, reducing the risk of losing or misplacing important documents.

Sign Client Consent Forms from any tablet

With the brand-new update you can now do customer appointments on the software! You now have the capacity to change and edit the inquiries within software, save the form away against the customer record card as well as being able to email the form to the relevant people and export in PDF format.

Paperless tablet customer consultation form personalized customer consultation form, includes recommended services and products. Saved consultation forms are stored in the customer record card. is guaranteed to increase your profitability and empowers you to be in complete control of every aspect of your practice.

Whether your practice is new or established, small or large, is designed to continue the growth of your clinic.

Efficient and Organized Operations

Our Paperless Consent Forms feature enables your business to streamline its operations. Say goodbye to physical filing systems and misplaced forms. Instead, have all your consent forms stored digitally in one place, easily accessible at any time, and from anywhere.

Consent Forms History

Keeping a comprehensive history of consent forms is not only essential for legal compliance, but it also helps you keep track of your clients' preferences and concerns over time. With our feature, you can access a client's consent history, allowing for personalized care, and informed decision making.

Enhanced Client Experience

A paperless system improves the client experience by making the consent process quick, easy, and seamless. Clients can fill out forms at their convenience, reducing wait times at appointments. This digital transition shows your clients that you value their time, enhancing their overall experience.

Security and Compliance

Maintaining the security and privacy of your clients' data is paramount. Our CRM software securely stores digital consent forms, ensuring data protection. This feature also ensures easy compliance with any regulations requiring businesses to keep client consent forms on record.

Seamless Integration

The Paperless Consent Forms feature seamlessly integrates with our other CRM features. When a client books an appointment through our Online Booking feature, they can fill out their consent form immediately, improving the efficiency of your operations.

In conclusion, our Paperless Consent Forms feature is vital for clinics, spas, and salons seeking to improve efficiency, enhance client experience, and uphold security and compliance. It's a step towards modernizing your operations, aligning with digital trends and environmental responsibility. Adopt the power of paperless with our advanced CRM software.



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